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Test Drive


If you'd like to apply to Snowblind and would like to test the waters first or get a sample set up for your application, this meme is for you! We've even provided some prompts for you to use if you want (but feel free to make up your own). Here's how it works.
✭ Reply to this entry with a character you're considering apping into the game. You can include the name of your character and the fandom in your subject line.
✭ Comment around to others on the meme, whether you're in the game already or not.
✭ Now you have a sample ready for your application!
✭ So go reserve and apply when reservations and applications are open.
✭ Seriously, do it.

Network Prompts
You wake up at 6AM when lockdown ends, cold and tired, like you've been walking miles in the snow. But that's normal, isn't it? What isn't normal is your surroundings. You're in a new building, maybe one you've never seen before, or one you know is far, far away from where you were the night before when you fell asleep. If you were traveling with someone, you notice, also, that you are alone. There's no telling where your traveling companion could be.

When you check the network, you notice that @ADMIN has left a message.

Surveillance encountered an error shortly after 8PM last night and was out of order until shortly after 6AM. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Whether or not you're confused or concerned about the message, maybe a post to the network will help you re-orient yourself.

Seems you've found a rather valuable commodity. Something like alcohol, tea, coffee, cigarettes, or perhaps even something medical. Whatever you've found, you have no real interest in it, yourself. But you know that there's a market for it, and you see the opportunity to turn this into a win-win situation. You're not physically around anyone that you know of, so you propose a network-wide trade. And whoever makes the sweetest deal can be the proud owner of their craved luxury.

Action Prompts
You and your traveling companion thought that the house you decided to stop in for the night seemed normal enough. But lockdown hits, as it does every night, and things start to get strange. Soft sounds of crying; children crying, parents crying, screaming for their own safety. Maybe it's just the sound of the wind rushing so hard through the rubble you fear the ceiling will collapse. Maybe it's your own voice whispering to you to do awful things. Whatever the noise is, it's too much for you to fall asleep, coming to eerie crescendos and ebbing in volume at entirely irregular intervals. Looks like you and whoever you're with are in for a long night.

After a grueling day of travel, you and your companion finally come across safe shelter. And it seems to be a nice house, too, with a working fireplace and everything. The only strange part is that you aren't alone--but the other people in the house don't seem to be aware of you. In fact, they don't seem to be aware of anything; they're frozen in time, unmoving, unblinking, not even breathing. They can be touched, but they can't be moved. No matter how hard you try, they're rooted to the spot. They seem to be like you, weighed down with heavy winter wear and backpacks, not like the nondescript shadowy people that wander the town.

Oh well. They're probably harmless, and it isn't like you have time to find a different place to stay.

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Alfie Solomons | Peaky Blinders

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[A fairly recent arrival, Alfie has been wandering, still getting the lay of the land. He's been staying indoors most of the time - that's where most of the supplies seem to be, and he's not really a fan of the snow - but there are various things he'll venture out for, and he's just spotted one of them. Somebody is walking by outside the building he's currently in. He hurries to the door and out into the snow, walking with his cane without leaning on it, and calls out in a gravelly voice:]

Hey, you. Yeah, you.

[If he can get his mark to turn around and face him, he'll point at them, repeating himself for good measure:]


What'll you trade for that, then?

[Now he points at the most noticeable thing that they're carrying, no matter what it is - a piece of food, an article of clothing, a broken object, a child's toy. It might be something that he actually wants, but more likely, it's not the thing itself he's interested in - he wants to know what the reaction to his asking will be. Helpful? Trusting? Suspicious? Defensive?

If he's going to be stuck with these people, he wants to know how each and every one of them ticks.]

[OOC: A brief OOC info post can be found here! Let me know if you're cool with violent talk from him, should it come up; if you don't tell me either way, I'll default to assuming you'd rather he not.]
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totally fine with violence!

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[Fiona stops when she hears someone call out to her, turning to look over her shoulder. He seems to be pointing to a length of rope coiled up and clipped to her pack. Certainly useful, but since it's half rotting through, she doubts it's what he really rushed out of the house for. She turns, head tilting and eyebrows raising as she does while she tries to get a read on his body language. That cane that he's not using for support—a weapon, or a terrible attempt at faking an injury? The clear attempt to get her to stop and get a reaction from her means she's already suspicious, although she's sure to keep her expression largely unconcerned, if a little surprised.]

"Hey you" isn't a great way to make someone want to trade with you.
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Well, I don't know your name, do I.

[He comes to a stop once he's close enough for a proper, not-shouted conversation - about ten feet away.]

What do you want for the rope?
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Anything is better than "hey, you".

[She plants her hands on her hips.]

What've you got?
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Think I asked first. I should get an answer first.
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Remember what I said? About the politeness?

[It's obvious he's not one for small talk, but Fiona can't help needling people sometimes. It's a curse. It's clear she's not expecting him to apologize considering the way she immediately switches back to the conversation at hand.]

Give me the cane and the rope's yours.
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[He doesn't think twice before giving that answer.]

Where'd you find it? Your rope.
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In one of the houses. Where we find most things.

[She shrugs.]

You wanted it enough to rush out of that house for it, but not enough to give me your cane?
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It's a nice cane. It's from home.

Nothing wrong with a little dealing and discussion, is there? Even when no exchanges are made.