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Test Drive


If you'd like to apply to Snowblind and would like to test the waters first or get a sample set up for your application, this meme is for you! We've even provided some prompts for you to use if you want (but feel free to make up your own). Here's how it works.
✭ Reply to this entry with a character you're considering apping into the game. You can include the name of your character and the fandom in your subject line.
✭ Comment around to others on the meme, whether you're in the game already or not.
✭ Now you have a sample ready for your application!
✭ So go reserve and apply when reservations and applications are open.
✭ Seriously, do it.

Network Prompts
You wake up to find a new application, BASKET.EXE, has downloaded itself to your tablet. The icon is of a cheery pink wicker basket adorned in a bright ribbon and full of eggs and treats. If you click on it, no program appears to immediately load, but then an egg-shaped chocolate in a cheerfully colored wrapper will appear in the corner of your screen. "Eat me?" it asks in an unassuming word bubble. Should you click on it, your tablet goes dark. A cryptic message appears on the center of your screen in red text:

Thank you for your contribution.

Or maybe it reads:

Progress has been saved.

Or even:

It will be our secret.

Whatever the message reads, you feel a shiver pass down your spine, and then your tablet returns to normal. The application has disappeared.

Maybe you've died before or maybe this is your first time, but just like with any other revival, you awake in your body bag, and have to suffer through the task of crawling out into the morgue. You know you'll need to figure out what it is you've awaken to: how long you've been gone, where you are, if anything has changed about you or anyone else. But before you have a chance to do anything to get your bearings, your eyes catch onto something strange.

There, on the door to the drawer your body had been stuffed into, someone (or something) has left something. It could be a drawing, or it could be a written word, but whatever it is, the sight of it fills you with a sense of loss. It's familiar, though you're not immediately sure how or why: something that symbolizes something important you've lost in your past. But who would leave this here? And who could know?

Action Prompts
It's been a long day of traveling, and you and your companion are glad to be reaching your final destination for the night. Someone's even built a rabbit out of snow outside of the door to make the place more inviting. you get closer, you realize that the tall, white figure is much too detailed to be anything made of snow. The slender figure has a body that could almost be human if not for the way that the limbs attach to the torso at odd angles, and the rabbit face has dark, hollow slits for eyes. It carries a small basket in delicate fingers. It waits for you. It waits for you to get closer, closer. It waits for you to try to get inside.

The day has been rather uneventful, so you wonder why it is you can't sleep. Something is eating at you, poking at the back of your brain, telling you that you're missing something. You look over at your companion and then you see it--something shifting beneath their skin. And then you look down at your own arm, and you see it there, too. An egg has been planted into your skin. And not just one.

You wake your companion at once--they need to see what you see. But when you illuminate the situation with the lights from your tablets, you can't see the eggs anymore. You're left to wonder if it was really real, or if your imagination was getting the better of you. But what if it was real? And what happens when the eggs hatch?

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[If they're both asleep, Alfie will turn and try to tiptoe away, not wanting to wake them up.]