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Test Drive


If you'd like to apply to Snowblind and would like to test the waters first or get a sample set up for your application, this meme is for you! We've even provided some prompts for you to use if you want (but feel free to make up your own). Here's how it works.
✭ Reply to this entry with a character you're considering apping into the game. You can include the name of your character and the fandom in your subject line.
✭ Comment around to others on the meme, whether you're in the game already or not.
✭ Now you have a sample ready for your application!
✭ So go reserve and apply when reservations and applications are open.
✭ Seriously, do it.

Network Prompts
Well, you made a mistake. You spent too long searching around, or you ran outside near the end of the day for just one more thing, and now you've been locked out. You can search around all you want, but the best shelter you can hope for is pressing against the side of a sealed up building. You do still have your tablet, though. Maybe someone on the network can give you some advice, or at least some comfort while you wait for hypothermia to set in.

Maybe you didn't want that mistake of getting caught outside to happen again, but now you've ended up staying too long in one location, and cabin fever has set in. Maybe you're taking to the network to try and ignore the hallucinations. Maybe you want to tell everyone that you've figured out they're all in on your kidnapping. Maybe you ended up wandering off and now you'd really like to know if anyone can check back in the place you were at for your pants.

Action Prompts
You're going about your business searching what seems like it might be an especially promising house--it's fully intact and there's even a working fireplace with some wood! It looks like someone else has the same idea, though, and you've run into them in the middle of your search. Do you share the potential wealth or try to kick them out? On the other hand, maybe you know who this is, or maybe you're just glad to actually see another person for the first time in ages.

You've just woken up in a morgue after dying in one unfortunate way or another. You have no idea where you are beyond that, but your tablet is insisting you can't stay here, so you should probably get out of here pretty quickly. Of course, bringing people back from the dead isn't a perfect science, so you're missing something important to you. Maybe you've lost your voice, maybe you can't remember where you're from, maybe you can't remember where you are right now. It looks like someone else is nearby, though. Maybe they can help you out?

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Steve Rogers | Marvel Cinematic Universe (AoU-compliant)

[personal profile] starsandtights 2015-10-20 01:27 am (UTC)(link)
No no no no no no no—

[Steve pushes his way through the snowdrifts, running as fast as he can to reach the door of the crumbling building looming dimly through the fog. He practically falls against the door, twisting the knob and ramming the door with his shoulder, but as he already knows, as his tablet has already informed him—it's too late. He turns and rests his back against the door, letting his head thunk back against it as he catches his breath.]

...Hell. [He shakes his head.] Not too bright, Rogers.

[He knows what happens to people trapped outside at night, but it's simply not in him to give up, so he heads to the lee of the wrecked building and sets to work digging a snow cave in the piled up drifts. He crawls inside and seals up the entrance behind him, leaving a tiny hole for fresh air, and settles in for a dark, cold, lonely night.

So. Here he is again, headed slowly and inexorably toward a cold, icy death. ...Son of a bitch.

Maybe he'll wake up in the future again, like last time. Maybe he won't.

He thinks of last time, the ice getting bigger and bigger in the windshield, Peggy's voice over the radio the only thing keeping him from turning inside out with fear.

He fumbles in the dark for his tablet, the glow of its screen a welcome light in the blackness. He activates the voice post option.]

...Anybody out there?

[Steve can scarcely believe it. A clean, intact house with a working fireplace, a small pile of firewood stacked neatly next to the hearth, even. This is better than he's had in days, a damn sight better than the small shed he'd huddled in the night before.

He'll light the fire when it gets a bit colder and darker; first he wants to do a quick search, see what else this house has got on offer.]
Come on hot water hot water hot water...

[Steve freezes and goes silent, holding his breath. He just heard a noise above him in the house—yes, someone or something is coming down the stairs. Loosening his trusty table-leg from his pack and holding it at the ready, he slinks towards the noise, silent as a cat, pausing with the stairway just around a blind corner. God, please, not another monster, this house is so nice. He takes a breath and peeks around the corner...]

[Or whatever scenario you'd like, throw something at me! :D]
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[personal profile] rattlingthestars 2015-10-20 07:13 am (UTC)(link)
[ No monster here, just a teenage boy poking around the upper level. Since Jim's initial sweep of the house hadn't turned up anything amiss, he's not paying all that much attention to any sounds downstairs. Steve's creeping certainly doesn't alert him; he continues on his business until he's ready to return downstairs.

That's when he turns and locks eyes with Steve, and freezes for half a second. There's not really anywhere to go, as late as it is. Can he bolt to one of the rooms and try to barricade himself in? There's no way he can take the guy, not unarmed and relatively small as he is, but he's also gotta take up most of the doorway.

Well. Jim hasn't tried the whole "talking someone out of something" thing in a while, might as well give it a go. ]

-Hi. There.
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[Steve and the other a guy—a kid, really—lock eyes for a long, tense moment.]


[Steve relaxes a little and steps fully around the corner, dropping his table leg so that he's holding it low and loose, non-threatening.]

"You don't look terribly much like you want to try to eat me."

[He tries a small, friendly smile.]
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[personal profile] rattlingthestars 2015-10-20 07:56 am (UTC)(link)
I'm not that low on rations yet.

[ It just kind of pops out, dry as dust, while Jim's eyes track the table leg rather than Steve's face. After a second he seems to realize that that isn't the right thing to say at all. ]

-I mean. No, I'm not one of the monsters or ghosts or whatever.
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[Steve chuckles at the rations remark; he can appreciate dry humor.]

"How about this, I won't eat you if you don't eat me. Deal?"

[He tucks the table leg up under his left arm—putting it temporarily out of play, it hasn't escaped him that the kid's attention is fixed on it—and offers his right hand to shake.]

"I'm Steve."
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[personal profile] rattlingthestars 2015-10-20 12:46 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Jim offers his hand after a moment of consideration. ]

-Jim. And, uh, deal. Don't think I have much of a chance against you anyway.

[ Steve being the size of a house and all. ]

I was just turning this place over. Sometimes you find decent stuff.
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[Steve offers the kid—Jim—a dry smile, but says nothing; an honest reply to his observation would probably only make him more nervous. He gives him a firm, friendly handshake.]

"Nice to meet you, Jim. ...I was about to do the same thing. Find anything interesting?"

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@CmdrShepard; audio

This is Shepard. I hear you.

[She's often awake and browsing the network at those hours exactly, after dark, when there isn't survival to focus on. She's dead tired, drifting, alert only through a soldier's discipline. But it's talking to people that gives her the focus, the reason to survive.]

What's up?
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@CaptSteveRogers; audio

[personal profile] starsandtights 2015-10-20 11:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Ahh... not much. You know. It's dark, it's cold, looking for a friendly voice. ...I recognize your username, don't think we've talked before, so... hi there, I'm Steve. How are things at your end of Snowhell, Commander?
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[personal profile] gtfoourgalaxy 2015-10-21 06:14 pm (UTC)(link)
I know how that feels. [Dark, cold, looking for a friendly voice - that's Norfinbury in a nutshell.]

Same old. I found a candy bar today, turned out it was just the wrapper... [She laughs a little, because what else are you gonna do?] You set up anywhere nice for the night, Captain? Some of these beds aren't so bad after what I had in basic training.
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[Steve also laughs at the candy bar thing, because that is just—that is so fucked up. That is also Norfinbury in a nutshell.

[Steve tries to pull his coat tighter around him.]
Well. Don't know if I'd call it 'nice', as such.
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[personal profile] gtfoourgalaxy 2015-10-21 09:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm about to recategorize nice as four walls, a roof, and no obvious signs of the previous owners dying. [It's just more gallows humour, but she rolls with it. It's good to hear someone else laugh.]

Maybe it'll finally brighten up tomorrow. I haven't been on Earth a lot, but I know for a fact nowhere there is this bad all the time...
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[I'd settle for four walls and a roof, Steve thinks but bites his tongue. Maybe a little harder than he intended. Oh good, he's shivering.] Norfinbury, icy capitol of lowered expectations.

[This last bit piques his interest.] 'Haven't been on Earth a lot'? I assumed you were U.S. Navy.


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audio (and thanks!!)

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heroproceeding: (тωєиту-fσυя)

3! .../intense soldier bro feelings.... I mean what.

[personal profile] heroproceeding 2015-10-21 03:37 am (UTC)(link)
[ He hadn't realized how exhausted he'd been until he'd actually found a bed around this place that wasn't in shabby as all hell shape with mattress raided. And without anything to light the wood, he'd taken to the second best thing to huddle up in.... And drifted off before he'd realized it.

Something he cursed about as soon as he'd recovered from wide eyes and panting breath of another too real nightmare. Shake it off. Get himself together. Walk it off with a pace around the room as he checked on the others to make sure they were alright. Those had been his priorities... until he'd heard something downstairs. Shit...

His own footfalls down the steps had been relatively quiet as he strained to hear anything. Maybe he hadn't heard anything at all... but he wasn't about to believe that until he'd scored the house like he should have in the first place. Again, he mentally kicked himself. Was this place really getting to him that badly?

Holding his trusty hammer, he, too, peers from around there... just in time for Steve to do likewise. Instinctively, he raises the hammer but he stops himself short of doing anything more at the look on the other man's face and-
] Hell! I thought you were one of them! [ Is that an apology? Possibly. ]
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soldier brofist

[personal profile] starsandtights 2015-10-21 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
[Steve stares at him for a long moment, then relaxes a little, lowering his table leg slightly and raising his eyebrows.]

"I thought you were one of them."
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[personal profile] heroproceeding 2015-10-21 10:18 am (UTC)(link)
[ It's only when the other man lowers his weapon that Zack does likewise. He's had enough crazy run-ins to hesitate. But not enough to stop him from letting the hammer drop the rest of the way back to his side at that admission. He rolls his shoulders uneasily before something of a smile crosses his face. ] Well, I guess we both got lucky. [ Those things were nothing to joke about, honestly. Zack opens his mouth to say something more when... wait. ]

...Is it just me or does it smell like something's...? [ Zack's eyes widen and he's trying to dart around Steve to check it out. Because the second to last thing they need is the Gaiadamned building going up in flames around them! ...So, sleep has kind of fogged up his logic momentarily. ]
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[Steve scuttles out of the way as the stranger shoves past him, headed for the living room, then jogs after him.]

"Whoa there, pal, it's all right, just a little fire. Safely contained."
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[ Zack sees the fire far before those words reach him. In seconds, the tension in his body goes somewhat slack and there's a ghost of a sheepish smile on his face. Get it together, Fair. He releases a slow breath. Then glances slowly back at the unexpected company. ]

To be fair, the last time I've seen a fire, someone was lighting up one of those monsters. And believe me, it didn't go as planned. [ Jim will forever go down in history for his crushed dreams of kill-it-with-fire... ]
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[Steve smirks a little.]

"Sounds like a story. But first..."

[Steve steps closer, switching the table leg to his left hand and offering his right hand to shake.]

"Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Steve."

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No worries!

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theredwidow: (just surviving)


[personal profile] theredwidow 2015-10-21 11:10 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Ava had found the house before she'd gotten too cold. She'd come in and wanted nothing more than to start the fire, but her training/instincts/memories convinced her that searching the house was better. She'd heard someone talking downstairs and fear had nearly choked her before she'd pushed it aside. She could handle this. She was a full-fledged S.H.I.E.L.D agent (almost) a meta human who had survived assassins, a mad scientist and having Natasha Romanoff in her head, not to mention public high school. Whatever was down there, she could deal with it. She pushes herself forward toward the stairs, hands crackling with electricity as she creeps down the stairwell. Her eyes go wide and the electricity crackling in her hands arcs from one to the other when she sees Steve there. She doesn't immediately recognize him, but she will in a moment. His face and his status as real, live, superhero is all over her world, but she's never met him in person. ]

Who are you?

[ She doesn't sound hostile. In fact, her voice quavers a little with fear. Her pep talk hadn't been so effective that it had chased away all her fear. She's in a place she doesn't know (a world she doesn't know) without a real memory of how she got here. That fear isn't going away anytime soon. ]

I mean...if this is your house, I'm sorry. It's just cold out and I thought....

[ She backpedals, memories of her days as a homeless teenager creeping in. It's not the first place she's broken into nor is it the first place she's gotten caught in. Sometimes being polite and playing the clueless, teenage girl helps. Of course, that was before she had electricity running through her body and sparking around her hands. She doesn't have enough control yet to smother it when she's afraid though. ]
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[personal profile] starsandtights 2015-10-21 11:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[Steve tenses and tightens his grip on the table leg when he sees the electricity crackling around her hands. Enhanced or alien, potential threat.

But. Electricity notwithstanding, she doesn't seem very threatening. She's just a girl, a teenager, and she looks scared. She's apologizing.

Making a decision, Steve puts a hand out, palm open, placating. He lowers the table leg slightly, ready to move but trying to look less threatening.]

Hey. It's all right, don't be scared. I'm not gonna hurt you. Not unless you hurt me first, and even then only if it's on purpose.

((OOC: Jsyk, if you apply to the game your character's probably going to have to lose her electricity powers (see "Will my character have their powers?" in the FAQ. Steve, for instance, has lost his super strength, super speed, and super healing... he's basically a large buff dude with combat training, badass but within normal human limits now.

For the thread let's maybe just roll with it, but assume she can no longer do anything with her electricity except put on a light show?))
theredwidow: (Waiting)

[personal profile] theredwidow 2015-10-22 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
[ Ava watches his body language with sharp eyes, staying where she's at. It's not until he speaks that she relaxes, shaking her hands out until the electricity is gone. She goes down the steps one at a time, obviously still wary. ]

I'm not going to hurt you. [ Her hands might still tingle a little but touching her won't hurt. As she gets closer, she notices something familiar about him, but still doesn't pick up on who he is without the uniform. ] I'm Ava.

[ ooc: thanks for letting me know! This sounds perfect. I kind of skimmed through things but didn't read near everything I'll need to read in order to app yet. ]
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[personal profile] starsandtights 2015-10-22 02:10 am (UTC)(link)
[Steve's shoulders visibly relax as he watches the girl relax and the electricity fades away. As she comes closer, he tucks the table leg up under his left arm and offers his right hand to shake.]

Nice to meet you, Ava. I'm Steve.

...It's not my house; not sure it's anybody's house anymore. Just looking for some shelter. You're welcome to stay here, too, if you like.

((Been spending the past few days reading up on things. There's a LOT, it's kind of intimidating. But it looks hella fun!))
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[personal profile] theredwidow 2015-10-22 02:26 am (UTC)(link)
[ Okay. He's relaxing. This is all good. Ava is feeling sure enough about herself here to fight this guy who happens to be a lot bigger than her. He looks like he knows how to handle himself as well.

Then he introduces himself and she's going to try to keep her cool. She knows Natasha (better than either of them would like) and she's met Tony Stark a few times so she's not outright starstruck, but Captain America had been Alex's favorite hero and she understood why. This guy was the real deal. She doesn't exactly know how to broach the subject that she knows who he is and she's not sure how he feels about people knowing who he is so she hesitates, probably looks a little sheepish then nods. ]

Yeah. Thanks. I was going to build a fire. After I looked around, I mean. To make sure that no one was hiding in the closet to kill me.

[ She says it like it's a fact of life, because it has quickly become that for her. ]
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[The funny expression on her face after he introduces himself doesn't escape his notice; he's become familiar with the 'OH SHIT CAPTAIN AMERICA' face people get when they recognize him on the street—this looks kinda like that. Which would be interesting, if it's true; no one else in Snowhell has recognized him, as far as he can tell. He's not sure whether to say something, so he just sort of raises his eyebrows at her; she can do whatever she wants with that.

Steve smirks a little at that last; gallows humor has quickly become the only sane response to Norfinbury.]

Good plan, I was about to do the same thing myself. Is the house all clear or do we need to keep looking?

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